To start from zero crypto knowledge and get into the business is very hard. It’s almost underwelming in the beginning. We think that their are essentialy 6 tools you need to understand why you need for crypto.

  1. Coingecko – find nformation about “all” cryptocurrencies like actual price, homepage, twitter account, contract addresses, market cap and much more.
  2. Wallet – as a crypto trader or investor you absolutely need to protect your founds. Store your coins in a wallet is a lot more safe choice then letting the coins stay on a exchange.
  3. Tradingview – is a great tool for both investors and defiantly a must have tool for traders. If you are serious about your trading you can’t be without Tradingview. The great trading tool also give you access to the biggest trading community that’s have a lot of education and trading ideas to share.
  4. VPN – protect your integrity and security, and can protect you from hacking and fishing attacks.
  5. Twitter – hot channel for crypto project, investors and traders.
  6. Telegram – is like twitter a very great tool fallow your favourite traders investor or crypto project. Find the right telegram group and It’s like to be behind the scene and get the information before the audience/market.

We use all the tools . We think they all are essential to understand and . We think that one of the best way to start before you is to download coingecko App. It’s completely free.

1. Coingecko

Find smart contract addresses and track your portfolio/coin. With
more than 1M App downloads. CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator with over 13,000+ different
tracked coins…

2. Wallet

Smart crypto investors protect their coins. The most secure way to save your coins is to use a cold wallet. Understand the difference between trade on exchange and have your savings on a exchange. Exchange have your keys, think about that…

3. Tradingview

Tradingview is a charting and social-networking software for both beginner and advanced traders/investers. Tradingview also allowing users to share trading ideas and analysis and trade directly from TradingView’s advanced charting capabilities…

4. VPN

VPN protect your data and identity by encrypting your internet connection.
It also protects against hackers and safeguards against malware and malicious software. VPN is a good way to get protected while using public WiFi hotspots…

5. Twitter

Twitter is the most common platform for crypto projects. Almost every crypto projects use their own twitter account for telling news. Twitter is a big channel for crypto projects, investors and traders. Fallow to learn and keep you updated, but be aware of FUD…

6. Telegram

Telegram is like Twitter a great news channel for crypto. Telegram provides more privacy as compared to other social media platforms. Many traders, and crypto teams have telegram groups where they share the news/ideas immediately with their followers…

7. Market Alarms

Use Tradingview and Pinescript to keep your updated when your favourite coin or the crypto market move. Use simple indicators and save screen time, and make decision when it matters.

8. Crypto sources

9. More