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We have an immense passion for crypto and trading – and everything that goes with it. We know for sure that there is a lot of big opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, but also crazy risks. Everyone that is investing in crypto currencies makes mistakes, the trick is to minimise them. To get a deep understanding of “everything” about crypto takes time. But mastering basic tools and platforms like Twitter, Telegram and Tradingview will accelerate your learning curve and help you make better decisions. We don’t believe in quick and easy returns without knowledge. You need to understand what coins you buy, what risk that are involved (and there is a lot) and the potential returns. Our goal is to speed up your learning curve and help you navigate the crypto jungle. We are not your financial advisor, but our goal is to provide you with the tools and motivation to be a better trader or investor.

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Diversification of your portfolio is a common rule among crypto investors, and there are reasons for that. Crypto is not a mature market compared to the stock market. The crypto market is much more volatile and every cryptocurrency have big up and down swings. The crypto market also have sudden shifts in narratives (such as gaming, defi, derivatives, data storage etc). Another factor to consider is what tookenomics a cryptocurrency have, some cryptocurrencies have bad tookenmonics that implies that they might be a bad alternative to keep for a long time. We are not a financial advisor, but we like to split our investments into three portfolios.

Main portfolio
Our top crypto project for long term hold

Gaming Portfolio
Our top crypto on gaming- related projects for long term hold

Trading Portfolio
Managing risk and trading portfolio strategy.

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Coin: Gala, Super, Uos, Exchange: Kucoin
Idea: DCA (Long position), Link: >> Image
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